2017 Ford Super Duty first drive: The king of torque

With horsepower and pound-feet of torque, Ford’s Super Duty is ready to haul or tow anything in its path. Capable of towing 18, pounds, the single rear wheel configuration is perfect for almost every working individual. Although the Ford F Super Duty’s general performance and build is impressive in itself, the technology and options also play a big roll in the success of the truck. The Drive currently is testing a Ford F Super Duty Lariat with a flurry of options that we have come to quickly love. As you can see in the videos below, each option plays a specific roll in making everyday operations easier. Some people may argue against all these features as the truck is no longer a “real truck. A “real truck” is a truck designed to be optimal for daily operations and these feature make the Ford F Super Duty the optimal work truck.

2011 Ford Super Duty F-250 SRW Lariat

Grille guards, light bars and bull bars make excellent mounting platforms. Cutting of air dam or front bumper cover my be required for custom installations. Position the lamps at an equal distance from the center of the vehicle and as far apart as possible. Make sure the auxiliary lamps do not restrict coolant airflow to the radiator or obstruct the factory headlamps, turn signals, or marker lamps of your vehicle.

Consult your local and state regulations regarding minimum and maximum mounting height above the ground or specific lighting requirements. This is a general wiring diagram for automotive applications.

Recommended Ignition Source. DODGE: Dodge recommends splicing into instrument panel cigar lighter feed (red wire) see Figure 1. Figure 1: Dodge Cigar Lighter. + Circuits F (pin 5) and F (pin 9) are both HOT with ignition in RUN or ACCESSORY. Locate these circuits below the PDC in the engine compartment.

How do you hook up a switch leg? Describe what kind of switch leg you want and I’ll send you a diagram. If so, is the power at the one of the switches or at the light? If so is the power at the switch or at the light? Light and 3 or more switches? Again, is the power at the light or one of the switches. As far as I know, it does not have one. Your owners manual will tell you for sure.

There is a cabin air filter on the passenger side of the engine compartment below the windshield but I’m not sure how to access it. Does anyone have a link or the answer to what the wires go to on the back of the Crx ignition switch so that one might be able to hook them up to aux switches thus she can go keyless? You may need to create an account at Honda Hookup, which is simple, and well worth the information there. Have someone release the bleeder vale on the injector rail while pressurizing the fuel tank.

Wiring an Aux Fuse Block, Relays and Switches in a 2016

Almost ready to make a move for one myself. My question is what model air system are you using? Are you planning for aftermarket bags for the suspension? I am unsure to wait for the factory air suspension or install aftermarket bags like I have now.

Mar 28,  · If those upfitter switches only supply power when the key is in and turned to run, personally, i would wire w/o that upfitter switch. My switch is always hot, in the bed, up under the rail near the tail gate.

What is a Relay? A relay is an electrical switch. When you create a circuit a loop of electricity from the battery to your LED Light bar , if you just put a switch between the battery and the light, it will have to be rated for the full current amp draw of the light. Many switches would be able to handle that As a result, you could end up overheating the switch, melting the wires, and reducing the current that is getting to your lights, making them not as bright.

Read more about that below. Kind of cryptic isn’t it. Well if you are just going to use our wiring harness , and switch, you don’t need to know what any of this is, because it comes all pre-wired and plugged in together. Buy a Wiring Harness But if you want to use some sort of electrical current to activate your LED lightbar, like make them come on when you turn your high beams on, or your reverse lights on if you are adding LED backup lights , then you’ll need to do a bit of rework.

First, let’s explain the what these 30, 85, 86, 87 numbers are. Let’s start with a picture: By default this switch is open, so current cannot get from the battery to your lights. Without this current, no magnetic force is created, so the 30 to 87 switch stays open, and your lights stay off. For example you could splice a wire off your high beam wire or off your backup light wire 86 – connect to a ground.

2017 Ford F250 Super Duty receiver hitch safety chain connection upgrade

They give you 4 relays and switches ready to power almost anything from additional lights to salt machines. If you purchased your truck off the lot, these may have been overlooked in the order, or if you ordered, you may have not even known these were available. But no worry, this is a plug and play system that takes 20 minutes to install.

Easy solution to upgrade the Ford F Super Duty receiver hitch safety chain connection points. This will make it much easier to connect your safety chains to the hitch. New F Safety Chain Hook Up Fix. How To Convert Ford Super Duty Upfitter Switches to be Powered at All Times.

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If you read the description online and then arrive and see the vehicle, what you see is what you found out through the description.

Upfitter switches – what are they being used for?

Ford has released two customer satisfaction recalls for the 7. If your truck is registered in a state requiring additional emissions coverage, and you had a qualifying repair performed within the above dates, and you or the servicing dealer has the original repair invoice, you may be eligible for a refund of the deductible. You only qualify for a refund if you paid the deductible.

Deductibles paid by the dealership or an extended warranty are not eligible.

Ford F Accessories. Those wanting Ford F accessories already drive the best in class SuperDuty. That’s why we offer to be the best in class of Ford F accessories.

Oliver , Case , Cub Re: I have been interested in running power from truck to dump trailer for some time and I think this is exactly what I had in mind. The napa site did not show details about the solenoid. I have purchased 4 gauge wire and connoectors to run from truck batt Passenger side to back of truck ’13 F But my “over thinking” tells me to protect the electronics of my new truck. I considered a relay which did not seem logical to hook a 4g wire to the small relay connection.

Found this thread and it appears a solenoid is the answer to my concerns. I still have a couple of questions though: What details do I need to buy the correct solenoid?

One more step

No throttle response and smoke?!?!? They did replace a few injectors and the egr the last time it was in just over a month ago and now the truck starts great never seen it start this well before and runs fine for the only exception So i start the truck first thing in the morning and let it warm up for about 15 to 20min, drive to the office about 5 min drive, park and stop the truck, go in for about 20 to 30 min, by that time the truck had time to cool down a bit, start the truck just fine but this is when the problem happens, it smokes a lot, blue smoke more then anything unless i really step on the gas and go.

If i drive easy on the throttle then it smokes and hesitates a little unless i step on it and go.

Where do you hook into the aux switches on a ford superduty? a link or the answer to what the wires go to on the back of the Crx ignition switch so that one might be able to hook them up to aux switches thus she can go keyless? \n. \n Answer \n. \n. f superduty is a 3/4 ton pickup Share to.

All-new F-Series Super Duty can tow heavier trailers and haul heavier cargo than ever before, with maximum gooseneck towing capacity raised to 32, pounds on F , fifth-wheel towing capacity boosted to class-leading 27, pounds and conventional towing to class-leading 21, pounds; maximum payload now rated at up to best-in-class 7, pounds Most power: Ford reinvested that weight savings in more robust components everywhere it counts to give customers more towing and hauling capability than ever before.

Foundational improvements for every Super Duty pickup truck include an all-new, fully boxed frame that is more than 95 percent high-strength steel and up to 24 times stiffer than the previous frame to support increased towing and hauling. The all-new high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body is more dent and ding resistant than the previous steel body. Ford F Super Duty SuperCrew 4×4 now features a maximum gooseneck tow rating of 32, pounds — 1, pounds more than its nearest competitor, a regular cab two-door pickup.

Maximum fifth-wheel towing is increased to 27, — 2, pounds better than the nearest competitor. Maximum conventional towing with F , with the all-new trailer tow package, and F single-rear wheel are increased to a class-leading 18, pounds. Maximum gross combined weight rating for truck and trailer now tops out at a class-leading 41, pounds. That is more than half the maximum weight of an wheeler semi-tractor trailer combination on most federal highways.

Body Builder Manuals

Suspension[ edit ] For the first-generation Super Duty range, Ford used several different suspension configurations, depending on the model of truck. All models have heavy-duty 3″ wide leaf springs and staggered shock absorbers. A standard stabilizer bar is included on dual rear-wheel models and an option on single rear-wheel versions. An optional slide-in camper certification package with heavier-duty springs was available on single rear-wheel models.

All versions of the Super Duty trucks came equipped with four-wheel disc brakes. On two-wheel drive F and F pickups, the Twin I-Beam independent front suspension with coil springs was used; their four-wheel drive counterparts were equipped with solid front axle Dana 50 and Dana 60 with leaf springs.

View and Download Ford F owner’s manual online. F Automobile pdf manual download. Also for: f, f, f

They give you 4 relays and switches ready to power almost anything from additional lights to salt machines. If you purchased your truck off the lot, these may have been overlooked in the order, or if you ordered, you may have not even known these were available. But no worry, this is a plug and play system that takes 20 minutes to install.

I will admit, it took me over an hour to complete, but I was looking for the place the fuse box was mounted. Once I figured that out, it was a snap, and the good news is that I will show you where everything goes, so you wont have to look! These switches will also be easily added to any vehicle. You would simply cut the plug off the end that goes into the fuse panel and supply power to the six wires.

The 4 switches would also fit into a simple bracket to be mounted almost anywhere. The above pictures show the harness with the fuse box.

Upfitter Switches How To Ford Super Duty