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The Chinese Sky History of Astronomy in China In China, as in many other cultures, there is evidence of interest and observation of the sky from many years earlier than written documentation suggests. Examples of pottery now held at the Beijing Ancient Observatory and dated to the Neolithic period over years ago show images of the sun, and intricately carved animal shells and bones depict images of the stars as well as astronomical events such as star explosions which may date back as far as BC.

It is possible that the observation of the sky in a scientific sense was first undertaken as a way of marking time and recording events within a recurring pattern in order to create a calendar. A calendar marks the seasons and helps farmers to know when to plant and harvest their grain. Like many ancient societies, China based its calendar upon the phases of the moon but then added extra months. This was because a solar year is not evenly divisible by an exact number of lunar months — there are about This is called a luni-solar calendar.


Horoscope horror because Earth has ‘wobbled’ out of alignment with the moon Most who thought they were Virgo are actually Leo – but only in the East If your horoscope has never made any sense to you, there may be a good reason why – it could be out of date. Astronomers have called for the zodiac signs to be overhauled because they no are no longer accurate.

Scroll down for video 13th sign of the Zodiac: Ophiuchus represents a man wrestling a serpent and was discarded by the Babylonians because they only wanted 12 constellations But during the thousands of years since, the moon’s gravitational pull has made the Earth shift on its axis and created a one-month shift in the stars’ alignment.

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Astronet Monthly Scorpio Romantic Horoscope Scorpio monthly love and romance horoscopes at Astronet cover the full month ahead. With a monthly romantic overview for Scorpio and all zodiac signs. Don’t forget to check our free monthly horoscopes and astrology forecast section for this month’s Scorpio predictions , monthly love horoscopes and Scorpio monthly love forecasts.

Yearly Scorpio horoscopes for can also be found in our yearly astrology and horoscopes alongside all zodiac signs. We prominently feature free Scorpio yearly love prediction and relationship astrology for Scorpio Astrological Compatibility and Love Astrology Profile Well known for being loyal, passionate, determined, intense and sexy, the Scorpio symbol is the Scorpion. The Scorpio sign is a masculine sign, tending to be very dependable. In relationships, Scorpios are true to their beloved but if they do choose to leave, they leave for good.

They are very seductive and have great charm and frequently dazzle with their radiant personalities.

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I am an Aries female to the core. I am bossy, impulsive, I lack patience, and I am very hardworking. I take no excuses when it comes to certain things. We went on a few dates in the past and tried to reconnect again recently, but that failed.

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The Chinese New Year is an important celebration all over the world. In the past the current emperor determined the start of the New Year. Today celebrations are based on Emperor Han Wu Di’s almanac. Celebrations today are both literal and symbolic. Spring cleaning is started about a month prior to the new year and must be completed before the celebrations begin.

Typically red packets with money tucked inside are given out as a symbol of good luck. The amount is usually an even number as odd numbers are regarded as unlucky. Lions are considered to be good omens. The lion dance is believed to repel demons. Each lion has two dancers, one to maneuver the head, the other the back. During the New Year celebrations people do not fight or be mean to each other, as this would bring a bad, unlucky year.

Everyone celebrates their birthday on this day as well and turns one year older. Foods during the holiday hold symbolism as well.

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When an average person shoots from obscurity to international acclaim literally overnight, there is usually a very interesting astrological background. Date of birth saga. This date was confirmed by telephone by David Nicholson at Cainer who called the Registrar of birth records in Bathgate. This has set up an interesting conundrum for astrologers because we really like the other chart — it fits perfectly with our idea of who Susan Boyle is.

But this is the pitfall of doing an astrological profile of celebrities about whom virtually nothing is known — they become nothing more than a hook for our own projections. I find that the most surprising readings that I ever do are for acquaintances whom I know slightly. So I have posted the new chart here, and have thrown away my fantasy of who I think Susan Boyle is.

Susan Boyle has the Sun in Aries, so the quest of her lifetime is to develop the courage and honesty to follow her own instincts and pursue her own adventures. However, that Sun is opposite the Moon in her chart, which is in Libra.

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The Scorpio native is critical, suspicious, skeptical but enterprising, reserved, tenacious, determined and secretive. Fond of luxuries but economical and calculating; restless, energetic, fond of travel, especially on water, and admires grandeur in nature attends to own affairs in business but in matters of duty may make trouble for others. In speech plain, blunt, sarcastic and forceful; in politics or law very aggressive. At best, original, scientific, sagacious, daring and creative, capable of much success through bold enterprise.

Fine engineers, contractors, surgeons, chemists, detectives and sheriffs are born in this sign. Pluto is the planetary ruler of the e sign Scorpio.

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Traditional western Zodiac signs There are three broad perspectives on the astrological ages: Archeoastronomers are interested in the ages because some researchers believe that ancient civilizations often depicted cultural references to the ages. Archeoastronomers in general do not ‘believe’ in astrology, but they study the cultural traditions of societies that did refer extensively to astrology.

Astrologers have been interested in relating world history to the astrological ages since the late 19th century; [5] however, most astrologers study horoscopes, not astrological ages. The general public has become aware of the Age of Aquarius since it was publicized in the musical Hair. The 20th century British astrologer Charles Carter stated that “It is probable that there is no branch of Astrology upon which more nonsense has been poured forth than the doctrine of the precession of the equinoxes.

Spencer singles out the astrological ages as being “fuzzy”, “speculative”, and the least-defined area of astrological lore. There are two popular methods. One method is to divide the Great Year into twelve astrological ages of approximately equal lengths of around years per age based on the vernal equinox moving through the sidereal zodiac.