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Ft Wainwright About the author: This article was contributed by a visitor to the site. If you would like to contribute to the site as well, please email me. Cassia April 14, , 9: Sarah July 22, , My husband and I will be PCSing next summer and are starting to look thorough the housing options. I was wondering about the cabins for rent for the somewhat adventurous. I think I may look into it to explore the options.

Antique and Vintage Chairs

Early life This plaque in Boston marks the approximate location [4] where Edgar Poe was born. Poe was then taken into the home of John Allan, a successful Scottish merchant in Richmond, Virginia who dealt in a variety of goods, including tobacco, cloth, wheat, tombstones, and slaves. John Allan alternately spoiled and aggressively disciplined his foster son.

The diverse collections of the National Museum of American History reflect a wide variety of subjects relating to the history of the United States as well as the history of science, medicine, and technology. Select from the subject list below to learn more about the Museum’s holdings and view.

The cause was a heart attack, said his daughter Vanessa Kagan Diserio. Kagan came to the United States at 11 after fleeing Nazi Germany with his family. One of his first orders was a set of tables and chairs for a delegate lounge at the fledgling United Nations. In the decades that followed, he became one of the most sought-after designers of his era, his works housed in the homes of Hollywood celebrities and enshrined in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum, the Cooper Hewitt design museum in New York and other institutions.

Many of his designs featured soft curves and overstuffed upholstery. One of his most recognizable chairs was a chaise that looked remarkably like a tongue. Another piece, with its back and arms formed by two sculpted strands of leather, was named the Fettuccine chair. Another item, designed in Palm Beach, was called the Hurricane chair. Kagan told the Boston Globe.

Cushman Furniture

Leather and brass in good shape as shown. Hard to find a complete set of sleigh bells in this condition and this long. Staves can get loose if left to dry out. Excellent condition despite it’s age.

Cushman began dabbling in furniture production by making items such as umbrella racks and music stands, but by , the H.T. Cushman furniture company was making over varieties of full scale furniture pieces, and employing some people.

Brief history and description Henry Theodore Cushman established his first business just after the American Civil War. Cushman furniture company in , moving to a larger factory in Vermont so as to keep up with demand. Cushman began dabbling in furniture production by making items such as umbrella racks and music stands, but by , the H.

Cushman furniture company was making over varieties of full scale furniture pieces, and employing some people. In , the company was sold to General Industries, who later sold it to Green Mountain Furniture Company, which closed business in Guide for collectors H. Cushman pieces are widely available at antique shops, have appeared at auctions with both mainstream and specialist auction houses, and also have a certain availability at online auctioneers such as eBay.

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Return to Home Page Return to Obituary Directory Adam Habergarten d 22 Oct After a brief illness of only a week’s duration, Adam Habergarten passed away last Sunday, the victim of that terrible malady, typhoid-pneumonia. Adam Habergarten was well and favorably known in the community, having lived here a number of years. The career of the deceased has been somewhat eventful. A native of Germany, he came to this county years ago, establishing a residence in Minnesota which extended over a long period.

Of an industrious, earnest turn of mind he soon accumulated a snug little fortune, when the restless spirit of adventure and travel overcame him, stimulated doubtless by the glowing accounts of golden opportunities and of fortunes easily made in the great west.

These Are the Voyages – TOS: Season Three (Volume 3) [Marc Cushman, David Gerrold, Susan Osborn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Marc Cushman’s biography of Star Trek® the original series (TOS) takes you back in time for the final season of this iconic television showReviews:

Japanese American Incarceration Era Collection During the opening months of World War II, nearly , Japanese Americans, two-thirds of them citizens of the United States, were forced out of their homes and into incarceration camps established by the U. Many would spend the next three years living under armed guard, behind barbed wire. This collection explores this period when racial prejudice and fear upset the delicate balance between the rights of the citizen and the power of the state.

It tells the story of Japanese Americans who suffered a great injustice at the hands of the government, and who have struggled ever since to ensure the rights of all citizens guaranteed by the U. These models were published by the German firm of Martin Schilling at the turn of the 20th century. Kinematic models were used to produce mathematical curves and other mathematical concepts useful to mathematicians, engineers and scientists.

Lace Collection The lace collection was started in to assemble a collection of arts and crafts for the Smithsonian Institution. From the initial pieces it has grown to approximately 6, objects. Most of the objects originated in Europe and were donated by American collectors. These watery innovations offer a glimpse of the ways that inventors, particularly in the nineteenth century, sought to overcome the many challenges Americas encountered working and traveling on the water.

Mathematical Charts and Tables Those learning and using mathematics have long consulted tables of numbers. This collection from the Division of Medicine and Science illustrates the role of numbers in everyday American life—in schools, commerce, weights, measurements, banking, taxation, sales, shipping, payroll, manufacturing, gunnery, and public safety.

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Both companies bring many years of experience with large-scale projects, complex planning and design processes. In order to further enable a local presence, UNStudio have also established a new headquarters in the Westend in Frankfurt. Situated in the very core of the city, the site has been completely inaccessible for the last 45 years.

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Bulletin of Marine Science. Bermuda Natural History Museum. The issue prior to July 14, had an inventory by Dr. Wolfgang Sterrer on the number of species at least 8, of flora and fauna then in Bermuda, of which 4, are marine and 3, are terrestrial. Bermuda’s new Protected Species Act became law on 1st March Endemic animals are shown below by name and description. Except for birds, no prior legislation existed. The new act called for a proactive approach to the protection of local species threatened with extinction, and their habitats.

Wildlife includes the Cahow, Longtail, White-eyed Vireo, Skink, turtles, whales, a species of snail, the tiny Cave Shrimp and other crustaceans. The Bermuda Protected Species Act allows for the listing of threatened species and recovery plans for active intervention, in order to enhance population levels. Bermuda does not have alligators, badgers, buffalo, chipmunks, crocodiles, deer, ferrets, giraffes, hedgehogs, lions, moles, mongooses, moose, raccoons, skunks, snakes, squirrels, stoats, tigers, weasels or zebras.

A recent attempt to bring in skunks for domestic purposes was defeated. Animals are mostly imported originally or more recently, but a few are endemic or native.

Edgar Allan Poe

Why Go Alaska is made up of a fascinating—and wide—array of cultures, and its history is long and colorful. Walk into a museum and you can learn about ancient civilizations, the fervent gold rush of the late s, or the pioneer spirit that built the state we know today. Plenty of Alaska’s museums also illustrate Native cultures still thriving today, or the marine and animal life that make Alaska what it is.

While some people may save museums for rainy days, walking through museums or cultural institutions is an excellent way to gain a deeper appreciation for Alaska’s entire landscape. Best Time to Go Year-round, though many museums and heritage centers have more limited hours during the winter. Where to Go Almost any city or town in Alaska has some kind of museum that illustrates, but here are the most notable museums in how these popular destinations:

Pair of Diminutive Upholstered Armchairs, Out-splayed Arms, Outstanding Turnings, Full Height, Unknown Maker, Likely English or Continental, Early 18th Century – SOLD Upon examining the frame, we learned that these started life as back-stools, the canted backs were extended, and the arms added.

Well worth a regular browse. Well worth a browse or two. There are a small number of iconic Maine Two Foot Railway pictures in the collection. Deerfield River Laser Laser cut kit maker. Fast Tracks Tim Warris is an absolute maestro when it comes to track and through his company, Fast Tracks, he offers numerous jigs and other track building supplies. This link connects direct to his On2 page.

Also advertises SRRL freight car kits. MinuteMan Scale Models Laser cut kit maker. Line includes prototype-accurate models for BSR structures. Mount Blue Model Company Laser cut kit maker. Line includes prototype-accurate models for cabooses, boxcars, flat cars and structures. Portland Locomotive Works Laser cut kit maker.

Line includes prototype-accurate models for railroad crossing signs, SRRL structures, a flat car, and more. RS Laser Laser cut kit maker.

Hall-Cushman family papers, 1786-ca. 1930.

What you need to apply: Cultural Programs Writing classes, singing groups, music appreciation and history classes, Jewish programs, and more. Educational Programs Programs explore healthy aging, current events, legal assistance, driver safety, and money management. Entertainment Weekly musical groups, Sing-a-Longs, classical music performances, dance performances, and weekly movies. Health Presentations Blood pressure screenings, health related lectures, and a yearly health fair offering flu shots.

Monthly Outings and Daytrips Trips to casinos, outdoor concerts, theatres, and more.

Arts & Crafts furniture, antique Gustav Stickley furniture and antique Handel lamps and Victorian style in Northampton and Boston MA. Home.. Furniture: Very handsome ca ‘s Cushman armchair having design aspects in both the art deco and arts & crafts mode. Original upholstery in great condition with a “tootsie-roll” back cushion.

This is so in point of size alone. On the town’s one thousand and seventy-five acres some eighteen thousand people live — thus making the little town by the sea one of the more important of the State. Winthrop, is a beautiful town. Its location between the Atlantic Ocean on the East and Boston Harbor on the West is alone enough to establish the fact. Even more, Winthrop is a town of gentle hills which, although now built over with about 4, houses, gives almost every window a wide prospect over miles of ocean, marsh and a city just far enough away to be remote and yet near enough to be conveniently reached within a half-hour or so.

Probably one of the greatest factors concerned in the production of Winthrop’s charms are the many elms and maples lining her 36 miles of streets and shading most of her homes and all her public buildings. There are wealthier towns in the Commonwealth than Winthrop but few more financially fortunate. By many years of self-sacrificing service by public-spirited citizens who have served the town largely without pay, the town is practically without debt; nearly all the streets are paved and have sidewalks while the municipal establishments, schools, library, town hall, fire houses and all the rest are paid for in full.

Winthrop is known as a town of homes. This is true because there is practically no industry in the town at all. The town is emptied of mornings by perhaps ten thousand men and women who go into Boston to their various occupations. At evening, they return home. This is a common condition of many of the suburbs around Boston and certain uncomplimentary critics have described these suburbs of Boston as being mere bedrooms for the City.

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Bees that collect honey, which none of my ancestors had ever seen or brought into the land of Suhu, I brought down from the mountain of the men of Habha, and made them settle in the orchards of the town ‘Gabbari-built-it’. They collect honey and wax, and I know how to melt the honey and wax — and the gardeners know too. Whoever comes in the future, may he ask the old men of the town, who will say thus:

Sears, Roebuck & Company* was certainly the Amazon of the 20th Century selling everything from house kits to furniture, clothing, farm equipment, appliances and motorcycles. Much of their product line was sourced and rebadged or made to specification.

With that in mind, what does have in store for us? Demand for city centre residential units will remain strong and new development will start in the Northern Gateway and in east Manchester, breaking previous value levels in these locations. The Mayor of Greater Manchester will secure further control over funding and more powers to intervene to support economic development, infrastructure and housing delivery.

Manchester city centre skyline frames by tower cranes Read More Manchester hotel with celebrity chef-led restaurant to open in heart of city Nationally, further devolution deals will be agreed, not least as some local authorities and regions see the benefits resulting through additional funding and control of that funding. There will be some further funding announced for the health sector in the Budget but still below what the sector is asking for.

Politicians will still be searching for a consensus approach. We predict that will see a new focus on residential development in smaller cities and other major towns in the north west. Given the expectations of land values in Manchester more developers will start to look in other areas to find new opportunities. The focus will be on centres in accessible locations, within walking distance of intercity stations and the metro network, with excellent connectivity to employment opportunities, green space and a vibrant mix of bars and restaurants and wider leisure offer.

The product will be different to that which has been seen in the city centres with less glass and less height. We anticipate seeing higher density schemes such as town houses and storey flatted developments especially around transport nodes. The target occupiers will be much broader too – some young professionals but more of a focus on families and older people.

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