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But I can share it with my fellow melodies. I just put BTOB broadcast. Also, I indicated the time for videos that exceeded 30mins. Idol Radio Eunkwang Ep6 1: Idol Radio Eunkwang Ep5 Idol Radion Eunkwang Ep0. Idol Radio Eunkwang Ep0. Sungjae, Peniel,Minhyuk broadcast link July 8: BTOB broadcast link July 1: Hyunsik, Ilhoon, Minhyuk broadcast link June

BEAST’s Yo Seob (요섭) & A Pink’s Eunji (은지) – LOVE DAY (CC Lyrics)

So the group of people and their familes are sent on a trip down to the South Pacific! So despite the tragic accident six kids are still alive. The six kids are living their own lives. If there is anything that differciates them from the public it would have to be their special abilties. Yoseob who can control people by singing and creating hallucinations.

Which Kpop idol is sharing the same birthday as you? 🙂 Check our Kpop Idols Birthday list.

What to do about that? Of course there were NGs. In reality, what is your type when it comes to love? Seems like you adjust well between work and love. Well, it lacks a human touch. There needs to be the taste of diving straight into love.

Chanyeol (EXO)

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Yoseob also shared that BEAST is always working hard to show the different colours of the team. He especially pointed out the youngest member, Son Dongwoon, for his hardwork. The first game in the fanmeet tested the band’s knowledge of our sunny island.

Rating Newest Oldest Best Answer: D well i’m not so sure how it started but you’ll get start yes i know you have one already but yeah Gar is attacked by Trigon, who floods his room with lava. In retaliation, Gar joins the new Titans team, wearing a costume similar to his old Changeling uniform. In later issues, the group is attacked by the Children of Trigon, who use Garfield’s suppressed anger and rage against Raven, who is also affected in the same manner.

The two attack the other, but the fight is eventually broken up when the Titans begin to recover from the attack.

B2st questions!!! Calling all b2utys!!! ?

Did we have great love like in the movies? Did we have sad love like in the movies? Before we broke up, the me that looked at you The idiot me that I’ve grown to hate. Everything changed for me But everything must be the same for you after you left me I hold my phone in my hand and can’t do anything Only thinking that you might call me as you think of me Tuesday, December 28, , So is just around the corner and we thought we make this blog more useful for everyone.

New suggestions and ideas to pamper this baby up.

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Rating Newest Oldest Best Answer: Hyunseung because of his adorable 4D personality, laidback lazy attitude, beautiful voice, amazing dancing and just because he’s Hyunseung. They’re both beautiful in different ways. For me it’s Junhyung. I find that when he raps he’s extremely hot and charismatic. Yoseob has the cutest personality and he’s famous for acting adorable.

Maybe Mystery, although it’s not bad. I still like listening to it, it’s very catchy. Either Hyunseung or Doojoon. Hyunseung has a funny personality and he’s really funny without intending to be. Doojoon just has the most priceless facial expressions. Well, Junhyung’s my second ultimate bias in all of kpop so you can imagine how I took the news. I’ve calmed down quite a bit though, and I think Hara is a very beautiful girl.

Valentine’s Day Speed Dating

This story is about a girl from America who moves to Korea and finds her world turned upside down by some crazy new friends in the entertainment industry. Jaehwa finds herself having difficulties while in Korea. They help her find her way and she ends up finding herself in a whole new world or celebrities and drama. She fights to stay true to herself and help her friends as best she can. While in America she lost a friend but upon moving to Korea she finds herself reuniting with him in their new lives.

Look forward to relationships, shocking realizations, love triangles, and action.

Jun 02,  · I only understood “date” as in dating and the hilarous moments when JH tried to kiss Yoseob. And Yoseob was a real fun guy, sometimes jumping like a small boy, real cute. It was Kikwang who picked the girl from left to be onstage for “You”.

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Chanyeol (EXO)

It has been awhile since I realized that. Going through every day life without realizing that I am weak. It has been weeks since I started this work as an English tutor for celebrities. Thought that they would not want to go further yet, most of them felt that it is important for them to learn English. A short stay that I planned a month ago did not go according to plan.

Yoseob – B2ST) — I Remember cover piano coreografia mix diplo black eyed peas b2st nuest LO MEJOR DEL , BIG BANG, BTS, EXO, VIXX, INFINITE, SHINEE, B2ST, BTOB, ASTRO, KNK.

Sebuah botol kaca terdengar pecah, bagaimana kalau itu kita? Langit tampak begitu redup, tampaknya seperti itu akan runtuh kapan saja Kau gunakan untuk bertanya mengapa aku datang begitu terlambat, bahwa kau menunggu untukku, bahagia karena cintaku Tapi sekarang kau beku, secara kebetulan kau menjadi dingin lebih daripada orang asing Senyum cerahmu senyum cerah pelukan hangatmu wajahmu Rasanya seperti aku tidak bisa melihat atau menyentuhnya sekarang, itu membuatku takut Sekarang, kita seperti jam tangan yg menunjukkan Aw aw aw, comeback dengan teaser yg membuat penasaran, MVnya menceritakan tentang si cwok yg terlihat menyesal karna sikapnya ke cwek dan akhirnya waktu berputar kembali ke 30 menit sebelum mereka bertengkar.

Entah itu cweknya mati atau cwek itu menggambarkan si cwek itu kayak pergi dari hidupnya, kayak kaku beku gitu deh. Terus pas balik ke 30 menit sebelumnya ternyata sama aja, nggak ada yg berubah si cwok tetap berusaha buat yakinin si cwek tapi akhirnya tetep sama botol itu kembali pecah dan si cwek jadi beku kaku lagi.

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How do you get a girl that is friends with you? My husband and I have been friends since I was 3. I was even married to another guy and my current husband was the best man. He’s been my best friend forever.

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But, he doesn’t want to make his relationship public just yet. How will you cope and how will things turn out? He was wearing sunglasses and a cap so that no one would recongize him. You two were just talking and walking when his phone rang. He fished his phone out of his pocket and looked at the screen. He sighed and put the phone to his ear. Give her the phone! You sighed and put the phone to your ear. Why aren’t you home yet? What if something happened to you?

Why are you so worried?

Yoseob explains why it’s meaningless to ask idols about their relationship status