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There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. What follows is a very simplified description of how we got to this point. If you have any more detailed questions, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post! We have two main circuits: From the other side of the socket, a 2. The fuse clips onto a small metal bracket, which is screwed to the van. The yellow and green cable shown above connects to the metal shell of the van we had to scrape a small patch of paint off the interior to provide the earth.

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It was summer, right? Stupid autumnal weather and its precipitation! But anyway, we did.

Campervan Mains Hook Up Kit Campervan your into electricity mains fit to kit full A White Cable Mains Orange Cable Earth Sockets Switched x 2 Inlet Surface Unit Consumer Mains Contents. Unit consumer Inlcudes sockets, carvans, to systems hook-up V fitting for kit installation Mains cable & inlet mains surface boats, & motorhomes.

Nissan Elgrand Nissan Elgrand Executive Deluxe An exclusive and exciting hi-spec addition to our fleet, the Nissan Elgrand offers class and comfort in this eyecatching campervan. As standard this comes with fitted toilet cabinet, swivel front seat and on-board charger. Optional extras include power seats, ovens, satellite TV, night heaters, 4WD and more.

It comes with the efficient and award winning 2. They all come with triptonic five-speed automatic and are available in 2WD and elective 4WD with diff. They come with a host of luxury features including aircon, on-board computer, side blinds, swivel seats, dual climate control, sunroof and luxury seats powered in some models.

A Guide to Living in a Camper Van

Below is an example showing how the split charging unit can be incorporated and used within a vehicle. Contained in a very neat box measuring just 19cm L x 11cm W x 9cm D with the provision for 11 fused outputs, one of which is particularly suitable for high drain applications of up to Amps, such as I. E Amplifiers via an externally mounted strip fuse assembly. The remaining ten outputs are fused via an integral modern blade fuse box.

Our product has many positive features and we feel that this is a must for both the DIY and the professional van converter and will save hours on hard wiring, as this is a plug and play system that is available ex-stock. The unit includes three metres of battery cable to the leisure battery and five metres of battery cable to connect to the vehicle battery — both of these are wired into the unit ready for installation.

I even drilled in to the side of the van to cut the hole for the hook-up myself which I realise is probably easy stuff for you DIY experts but to me this was a big step as, campervan conversion, campervan design, campervan ideas, campervan kit, DIY campervan conversion, living the dream, motorhome, panel van, vanlife, vivaro.

Truck is 5 speed manuel, 5 liter diesel, 4 WD, low range gear box, navigation system, air-condition, 7 seats, GM kg, GVM , tow capacity electric breaks fitted , big weels fitted. If you want to get the boat with it – 4. Barely used since purchase. Previous owner stripped and refitted inside incl. The van is in top condition and can accommodate 3 people comfortably. Great features of this ex-rental Toyota Hiace Campervan for Sale: Here are a few more details about our used campervans for sale in Sydney: Rear dinette converts to a big double bed, 1.

Single roof bed in HiTop roof, 1. Alternatively, you can also send us an email with your phone number and we will call you back: Features tow bar, fridge, stove, heaps of storage, charger and its own house batteries, sleeps 4, 2 double beds, seatbelts for 4, low Km’s, neat and tidy, economical to run, contact to see more photos, great buy. Rear Wheel Drive Fuel Type: Petrol – Leaded Colour: It also offers lots of storage place, a microwave, a 55L fridge, stoves, a sink and comes equipped with cutlery, pots and pans, curtains and much more!


Built on the reliable Ford Transit chassis, with the body work done by the award-winning campervan conversion company, Wellhouse Leisure, we are confident that we will find a campervan to suit your requirements. Whether you’re driving across the country or fancy travelling abroad, the Transit campervan is the perfect travelling companion. These campervans don’t need to act like a living space, they make you feel as though you’ve brought your home with you.

A complete tailor made electrical wiring kit for your camper conversion Covers both 12V wiring looms and a V hook up with dual charging Includes split charging system, mains hook up, .

Here is some more information on the conversion for this particular vehicle: This conversion is a little different in comparison to our standard specification. We’ve simplified the interior by making our own, smaller furniture pod with a sink and cold water tap, storage cupboard and a portable hob. This allows more space in the van which we have taken advantage of by installing the triple RIB Seat, which allows for a sixth seat-belt and a larger bed.

The storage space under the bed is also larger and takes up the full width of the vehicle. The system consists of a heavy gauge and a steel mounting bracket which fits under the van floor to the vehicles’ mainchassis members. You will be provided with an M1 Test Certificate showing the unique identification number of your installation. The split charger system allows battery charging through either the vehicle itself or via the V Mains Hook-Up.

We use an 85amp-hour leisure battery, and fit two 13amp sockets as standard. We also install a variety of LED lighting, including both directional and discrete mood lighting. In our campervans, we install a Kiravans Swivel Seat System on the double passenger seats. We regard this as the best system of the various available.

Campervan Pods

Hob – Stainless steel Smev twin hob with darkened glass protective lid and gas regulator. Top locker storage with 3 integral LED downlighters – perfect for tea, coffee and biscuits. Power Management Unit PMS3 with v to 12v power inversion, secondary split charge relay, 18 amp battery charging, battery condition monitor and fused outlets. Water – 20L, In-line submersible pump 12v micro-switched tap. Electric hook-up – With flush external power inlet.

TV Hook-Up Kit. RV WATER FILL HATCH – CITY HOOKUP & GRAVITY TANK FILL with key. $ Buy It Now. This outlet stands above the rest by offering two separate ports for adding water to your RV or camper. The city hook-up is filtered and will fit most hoses or other similar water fill piping. The sec CAMCO RV CAMPER MOTORHOME WATER.

We offer one way or return transfers from selected airports and train stations. Bedding kit Our bedding kits for hire are singles and doubles. When you rent a bedding kit, each kit includes a duvet, pillow, bedding and towel per person. Outdoor table for al fresco dining, eating, drinking and playing card games. Plus, many of the campsites in our camping guides have GPS coordinates!

All of our other campervans and motorhomes come equipped with GPS as standard. Our Pay as you go Mifi device comes preloaded with at least mb of data and connects up to 5 devices at a time. For more data whilst on the road, top up via to the online portal or visit stores with the top up service. Mifi devices work similar to data on your phone.

Full Camper/Motorhome Electrical Wiring Conversion Kit Split-Charge Hook-up 12V

Campervan Electrics You’ve just bought a van and want to convert it into a camper van. One of the main things you will want to do is think in advance about power and how to install electrics into your campervan. If you have any plans whatsoever to sit in your campervan for an evening with the lights on, music playing, heater fan spinning away, then you should fit a second battery.

This article has now been expanded into three comprehensive chapters on campervan electrics in the new Renwick’s Guides book Self Build Campervan Conversions. Disconnecting The Battery For many campervan conversion related jobs, the first thing you need to do is disconnect the battery.

Up front there is a large lounge-diner area with seating for up to six people with the swivel cab seats rotated. The two zones are separated first by the kitchen area and full height fridge freezer followed by the washroom and separate shower cubicle.

What’s it all about? At home we don’t really think much about power sources and capacities – it’s all there ‘on tap’. In our motorhomes things are rather different, we need a portable and reliable heat source source and while you can ‘have a hook-up’ to mains electricity on site, that may not always be convenient. Vehicles normally rely on 12 volt batteries for mobile power but this just isn’t powerful enough for heating.

For example if you used your battery to run a small 1kW fire for space heating or the same power ring for cooking it would take 85 amps from your leisure battery which would then last only about half an hour before needing a major recharge! It’s convenient and very powerful and since it’s stored under pressure as a liquid you get lots of it in a very small space – so it has become the fuel of choice for most motorcaravanners.

The container is a strong steel bottle, and some portable sizes contain enough gas for several weeks use. The bottles are readily available at home and abroad, in various sizes – usually described in Kg. A gas bottle is normally hired from the gas supplier for a once-only payment though increasingly suppliers will lend you a bottle for free.

The gas contents are charged separately. When a bottle is empty it is simply exchanged for a full one, for the price of the gas only. Unfortunately there is no standardisation of LPG bottles across Europe. Refillable cylinders and fixed tanks are becoming far more popular in part to get round the European problem but also because they are so much more convenient. There’s no lugging heavy bottles around, no searching for the right kind of bottle and the great advantage of being able to top-up whenever you want, just as you do with other fuels.

Swift Escape 622 (Roverhome)

Search Wild Camping or Free Camping Wild camping, or free camping is where you park your vehicle in an acceptable place, such as a beach car park, and camp for free. Camping is perhaps a misleading term. In most countries erecting a tent is not accepted, and you should ensure that all of your things remain in your vehicle. Sitting outside with a table and chairs is fine, as is hanging out your washing.

Campervan conversions and step by step images including Mercedes Sprinter and Citroen Relay campervan conversion projects.

I will place an ad in the donedeal. Based on the comments below, prospecting buyers need to see if they can get insurance. The height restriction seems to be playing a big part in insurers saying no. All the information that i provide below was all the information the insurance company needed at the time. However, I got written confirmation via email that they would insure me before I even started the build.

Unfortunately, some of you out there have failed to secure even that gesture. I hope everyone out there manages to find a way through this difficulty. I will keep you posted if I hear anything and I will also post comments that having something new to say. On another note, I did come across an interesting article on Donedeal describing the process of VRTing a campervan. It is quite detailed and backs up the steps I had to take. Thanks to all the people who have commented on the blog and I hope to have a new pop-top in the not too distant future a few light years at most!

Update Summer How do you sleep a 3 yr old, a 9 month old and two adults in a low roof campervan?

Campervan Details

Mains Hook-up v for your Bongo camper A mains hook-up allows you to plug your Bongo in to a v mains supply when on a campsite with that facility. It enables you to charge the starter battery and leisure battery at the same time. A mains hook-up enables you to run all your interior lights, fridge, v electrical appliances and even a heater at the same time without fear of running down your leisure battery.

Always get your mains hook-up fitted by a qualified technician. Bongo Mains Hook-up Kits include: Mounted inlet socket 13a switched sockets All cables, fittings and instructions Other accessories you need are a heavy duty mains hook-up extension lead for connecting to the campsite hook-up unit and your inlet socket.

VW Campervan with a Poptop which allows you to stand up in the camper. It passed an MOT this week and has a good low mileage engine which sits all day at 70 on the motorway. It’s only done k.

The Facebook group meet up at the Nordic Farm campsite in the New Forest who are happy for us to work on campervans there. The group is run by Darren Thrower who is one of those people with a natural flair for creative DIY and he is part of the way through converting his own van now. He seems to know all about the electrics, bodywork, as well as the interior lining and furniture and he was kind enough to help us two beginners with advice and some practical demonstrations.

Cutting the hole for the hook-up panel I even drilled in to the side of the van to cut the hole for the hook-up myself which I realise is probably easy stuff for you DIY experts but to me this was a big step as, despite having a degree in engineering, I am just lost when it comes to the practical stuff and to be honest a little scared of it. Glyn was able to cut the hole in the roof for the solar vent and we were able to install that too.

However, as our van is red, I wanted to go for a more neutral, contemporary look inside with just a few colourful items as accents. I wanted it to be fairly light and bright, so I chose some glossy white paneling for the roof the stuff they use in bathrooms and kitchens and, although it is a bit trickier that wood to install, it is looking really nice so far. Of course, being a campervan, the bedroom will take over the kitchen at night, but you get the idea. Want to Do the Pretty Stuff Now I am really itching to get the van to the point where I can focus more on decoration yes, I am a girl but at least we can see how to do some of the build now.

We have had to invest in some more tools and we are on the lookout for a second-hand circular saw now and a proper workbench. This will be really important for when we build the bed and I think I have chosen the design for that now. It is one of those flip-out beds but I have yet to measure it up in detail so that may change.

VW T4 Concealed Electric Hook Up, Consumer Unit & 240 Sockets Install VW T4 Camper