Why I Rejected Evangelical Protestantism For The Eastern Orthodox Church

Facebook For Roman Catholics: If you have a question that is not answered here, or want more in-depth information, please contact us. You may also find some helpful information comparing Orthodoxy with Roman Catholicism in our pastor Fr. For a Roman Catholic walking into an Orthodox church, there will be many elements that are familiar—services led by an ordained priesthood, sacramental worship, ancient tradition, Christian art, etc. But Orthodoxy also has much that is unfamiliar—a mostly married priesthood, communing infants, no papacy, and so forth. But beyond these initial impressions, there is actually much that continues to separate Rome from Orthodoxy. Following are some questions and answers that address many of the most common issues that Roman Catholics may wonder about: What is necessary for unity between Rome and the Orthodox Churches? Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholics see the answer to this question quite differently. From the Orthodox point of view, Roman Catholics would be expected to return to the Orthodox faith that the Church of Rome professed during the period before it broke from Orthodoxy in roughly the 11th century the Great Schism.

Countries With The Largest Orthodox Christian Populations

Edit Orthodox Christians believe in a single God who is both three and one triune: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, “one in essence and undivided”. The Holy Trinity is three “unconfused” distinct divine persons hypostases , with no overlap or modality among them, who share one divine essence ousia —uncreated, immaterial and eternal. In discussing God’s relationship to his creation a distinction is made between God’s eternal essence and uncreated energies, though it is understood that this distinction is artificial and that there is no real separation in God.

Energies and essence are both inseparably God.

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The various canons were later compiled in the Byzantine nomocanon , attributed in its final form to the patriarch Photius 9th century. The Byzantine church, as well as the modern Orthodox church, adapted the general principles of this collection to its particular situation. The canons themselves do not represent a system or a code. They do, however, reflect a consistent view of the church, of its mission, and of its various ministries. They also reflect an evolution of ecclesiastical structure.

For the Orthodox church today, only the original self-understanding of the church has a theologically normative value. Thus, those canons that reflect the nature of the church as the body of Christ have an unchanging validity today. Other canons, if they can be recognized as conditioned by the historical situation in which they were issued, are subject to change by conciliar authority, and others have simply fallen out of practice.

This theological dimension is the ultimate criterion through which it is possible to distinguish what is permanent in the canons from that which represents no more than a historical value. The episcopate The Orthodox understanding of the church is based on the principle, attested to in the canons and in early Christian tradition, that each local community of Christians, gathered around its bishop and celebrating the Eucharist , is the local realization of the whole body of Christ.

Modern Orthodox theology also emphasizes that the office of bishop is the highest among the sacramental ministries and that there is therefore no divinely established authority over that of the bishop in his own community, or diocese.

Eastern Orthodox (Greek) Church Information

The Bible is not intended to be a scientific revelation, and science is not infallible. There is no desire to create conflict between science and Christian faith. Those who kept faith in Christ, didn’t sin after baptized or repented before death, and did good works will find happiness after death. Those whose faith in Christ was lacking or corrupt, or sinned after baptism without repentance before death, or didn’t do good deeds will find unhappiness after death.

Those whose only transgression was not performing good deeds may be punished temporarily.

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3 Depressing Realities About Living In Eastern Europe

It decreed that Pascha would be held on the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the vernal equinox. March 21 is used as an approximation of the vernal equinox. Pascha is delayed by a week if the full moon is on Sunday. While Pascha and the western Easter are both calculated using the same formula, the end dates often differ because they have different starting points.

Theotokos is often used in hymns to Mary in the Eastern Orthodox, Eastern Catholic and Oriental Orthodox churches. The most common is Axion Estin (It is truly meet), The mosaics in Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, dating from , just after the council, does not yet show her with a halo.

Russia Table of Contents The Russian Orthodox Church has a thousand-year history of strong political as well as spiritual influence over the inhabitants of the Russian state. After enduring the Soviet era as a state-controlled religious facade, the church quickly regained both membership and political influence in the early s. Beliefs and Ritual Orthodox belief holds that the Orthodox Church is Christianity’s true, holy, and apostolic church, tracing its origin directly to the institution established by Jesus Christ.

Orthodox beliefs are based on the Bible and on tradition as defined by seven ecumenical councils held by church authorities between A. Orthodox teachings include the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and the inseparable but distinguishable union of the two natures of Jesus Christ–one divine, the other human. Among saints, Mary has a special place as the Mother of God. Russian Orthodox services, noted for their pageantry, involve the congregation directly by using only the vernacular form of the liturgy.

The Date of Orthodox Easter in 2019

Today, there are approximately million Orthodox Christians in the world, according to a new Pew Research Center report. Orthodoxy, or Eastern Christianity, formally split from Roman Catholicism known then as Western Christianity in over a host of theological issues, high among them disputes over papal authority. Here are key takeaways about Orthodox Christians, based on the report: This decrease in share is due to the fact that the worldwide populations of Catholics, Protestants and other Christians have collectively almost quadrupled over the last century from million in to 1.

In , roughly half or more of Christians in all three traditions lived in Europe.

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However, as early as , Orthodox Vlachs are mentioned in the diocese, having their own “pseudobishops” or rural bishops. The diocese was soon destroyed by the Mongol invasion of , and only beginning with the late 13th century did Catholic missionaries become active again in southern Moldavia. In the early stages of its statehood 14th century , Moldavia was under the authority of the Orthodox bishop of Halych.

The conversion was reverted soon after, with voivode Roman I of Moldavia installing a local cleric as bishop. By a new Orthodox metropolitan, Joseph of Belgorod , had been ordained by the archbishop of Halych. The move was opposed by the Patriarchate of Constantinople , who in named Theodosius as Metropolitan bishop of Moldavia. Around , the same position was given by the Patriarch to Jeremiah.

The Moldovan rulers refused to accept either and banished the latter from Moldavia, action resulting in an anathema against Moldavia issued by the Patriarch of Constantinople. A further two patriarchal missions were sent to Moldavia in and in a bid to regain authority over the local church. As the Mitropolitan see remained canonically vacant in , the Moldavian priest Peter was named exarch over Moldavia by Constantinople, a move that probably was not accepted by the local rulers either.

In the voivode Alexandru cel Bun obtained from the Patriarchate of Constantinople the recognition of Joseph, whose anathema had been raised on the occasion, as head of an autonomous Metropolitan Moldavian See at Suceava , with 3 bishoprics and jurisdiction over the entire territory of the Principality of Moldavia. The Catholics were also favoured by Alexandru and in a new Roman Catholic bishop was ordained at Baia , with authority mainly over Hungarian and German merchants in that market town.

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Domes of an Eastern Orthodox Church in Russia. The Oriental Orthodoxy have close beliefs but practice separate religious rites with the Oriental Orthodoxy being more diverse than the conservative Eastern Orthodox Church. They belong to the Eastern Orthodox Church. The Georgian Orthodox population is the highest in the country and is governed by the Holy Synod of Bishops. This stands in contrast to the country’s history pre , when it was the official state religion.

The Christians are in full communion with their counterparts in the Russian Orthodox Church and are the largest denomination in Belarus. The Bulgarian Orthodox Christians are the oldest in the Slavic region, dating back to the 5th century Bulgarian Empire.

The Orthodox Church in America

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Patsavos The long-awaited common celebration of Pascha on April 15, by all Christians has come and gone. It was in when this coincidence last occurred and will be in when it occurs again. In anticipation of this common observance by all Christians, much was said and written. What was stressed was the need to keep alive the momentum of the occasion. Unless we all understand the significance of this event, it will remain nothing more than a peculiarity of the calculations related to the date of Pascha.

In one sense, that is what it is. But in another sense, it is the convergence of all that we as Christians in the East and West profess regarding the centrality of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ as the cornerstone of our faith. Nothing challenges the credibility of this fact to non-believers more than the scandal of our division on this point of celebration. In the ardent desire to address this problematic and troubling reality, the following contribution is offered

Purpose of Christian Dating – Part 1